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Why is there a big gap in the price of nylon cable ties of the same specifications?

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Many people often worry about the big price gap when purchasing nylon cable ties. If you choose to be afraid of being deceived, then the big price gap will inevitably exist. So, why is there a big gap in the nylon straps of the same specifications? What is going on?

The price gap between nylon cable ties is too large:
The first factor: shoddy.
The situation of sub-filling is relatively rare. After all, this situation does not conform to the normal market rules. If you want to return customers, you still need to be honest. Most manufacturers will not do this, but the market is like this, there are profits, and some people will certainly do so. Therefore, this is also a factor that causes the price gap to be too large.

The second factor: the effect of width.

Due to the needs of customers in the market, the actual width of the cable ties of most manufacturers has changed. One specification has many widths, for example: 3*100 The actual width is 2.5mm*100mm 1.9mm*100mm, this is the price gap. Too big an important factor, because many customers do not pay attention to this point, of course, many dealers will still indicate the actual width, you must see clearly when buying.

The third factor: the actual packaging quantity impact. The quantity of the product is also an important factor affecting the price. According to the normal number of nylon cable ties, the general specification is 500 or 1000 packs. However, some manufacturers will write 1000 on the bag, but the actual package is only 700 or 800 or other.
Xiaobian reminds consumers to pay attention to identify these factors when buying, and inform their suppliers of their purchase requirements one by one, so as to avoid unnecessary purchase annoyance.


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