You have office in shanghai or guangzhou that i can visit?

Sorry that our factory is in wenzhou, and we didn't have any agent office in china.

Where do the raw materials of your products come from?

Our plastic straps are made of UL identity nylon 66 imported all over Italy.

How do you ensure that the product is of good quality?

Our factory is producing the Environmental Protection type nylon cable ties ,We have strict quality inspection system and instruments, which ensures the high quality of our products.

Can different temperatures affect the use of nylon bands?

Nylon cabletie have temperatures between -40 °C and 150 °C. If you need to use some applications in a high or ultra-low temperature environment, select the product of the high-temperature resistant material you want to add.

What's the difference between a self-locking nylon zipper and a PVC zipper?  

The self-locking nylon belt has good anti-aging ability and insulation, corrosion resistance, simple operation, strong and reliable, the most important is environmental protection, while the PVC material is relatively inferior and not environmental protection.

What about product after-sales service?

Our warranty lasts for one year. We will keep in regular contact with our customers and consult with them. To guide customers in the proper use and maintenance of products.

How do you usually move your production?

Ocean transport is the most important mode of transportation in international trade. Most of the imported goods in China are transported by sea.

Is the product specification and style limited to web display?

No. Our company specializes in producing nylon plastic products with complete specifications and styles. If you have special customized requirements, please contact us for details.

What is the production capacity of your factory?

Due to the expansion of our company, we have introduced advanced equipment to improve the production efficiency in recent years, and also developed many molds to increase product types. The company's personnel flow is stable and the production capacity is increasing day by day.

What is the concept of the enterprise?

The good faith manner, the high quality product the exquisite service and the customer firstprinciple are BOESE objective.

Could I have some information about your scope of business?

It mainly produces various kinds of high-quality nylon cabletie,cable clip , cable gland , wiring terminal, spiral crimping cap, winding pipe, cable tie mount and other electronic plastic accessories. You can have a look at our catalogue or consult our sales staff in detail.

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