Nylon Cable Tie

BOESE nylon cable ties are usually oil-proof, earthquake-proof, high-temperature resistant, fire-proof, corrosion-resistant, and have strong tensile strength. We offer UV-resistant options and improved combustion properties upon customer request.

● Heat resistance: Generally between 80°C and 100°C.
● Cold resistance: Hardy to temperatures between -40°C and -10°C.
● Color Variations: Nylon cable ties are available in a variety of colors to meet different marking and classification needs.
● Cable Tie type: Automotive-specific zip ties, Item Identification Straps, Aviation-specific straps.

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Applications and Uses of Nylon Cable Tie
Nylon Cable Ties, also known as cable ties and cable ties, are a useful tool used in a wide range of industries:

Key to managing complex cable routing in the aerospace sector.

Critical to the automotive industry for clearer, safer cabling solutions.

Organizes home cables for improved safety and tidiness.

Ensuring the stability of electronic manufacturing processes.

Key to equipment assembly and sample fixing in laboratories.

Indispensable for securing equipment and shelters in outdoor activities.

What are the materials of plastic ties?
Nylon cable ties:

the material is nylon polyamide, commonly known as nylon cable ties / nylon plastic ties. Commonly used materials are nylon 66 (PA66) and nylon 6 (PA6).

Polypropylene cable ties:

commonly known as polypropylene cable ties, PP cable ties. Ordinary material PP polypropylene toughness is poor, such ties are mainly used in non-stressed scenarios, such as signage ties, logistics labeling ties.

PET ties:

conventional use of carton strapping mainly use this material, the material performance is brittle but has a strong tensile properties, routinely used for heavy-duty strapping use, generally use metal clamping buckle clamping to prevent the loose

PVC ties:

this material is mainly used in wire ties on the tie structure for the external PVC package, the internal diameter of about 0.4mm or so wire, PVC material cost is low, and wire pulling when the package is good, is a more cost-effective bundling wire.

PE tie:

PE is the English expression for polyethylene, part of the application using polypropylene tie, will use PE instead. Resistance to pull the West can be poor, poor UV resistance, often used in marking signs tie, non-load-bearing use of the environment

What you need to know about the tie standards

Self-locking Polyamide Ties (Nylon Ties/Plastic Ties): People's Republic of China Light Industry Standard QB/T4494-2013 This standard is mainly applicable to self-locking polyamide ties.

Cable ties for electrical Installations European Standard (nylon/plastic cable ties): CEI/IEC62275-2006

Cable ties for electrical Installations European standard (nylon/plastic ties), American UL standard: UL62275

Marine cable ties (ship use ties): People's Republic of China Marine Industry Standard CB/T3496-92

Packaging polyester strapping (plastic ties / nylon ties): GB/T22344-2008

The rest of the relevant industry and domestic and international standards will be added later.
Nylon Cable Tie FAQ


Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a specialized manufacturer of plastic products.


What’s your company main market ?

Our primary markets encompass Europe, South America, and Asia.


What is your MOQ?

The MOQ is USD 4,000; trial orders are negotiable.


Do you accept orders for original equipment manufacturing (OEM)?

Yes, the majority of our orders are OEM.


Can you supply samples?

Upon provision of a collectible account number, we can dispatch samples at no additional cost.


What’s the payment terms?

We accept T/T,LC,other way pls consult by email.


What certifications are available?



What’s the delivery time for first order?

Normally 25-30days , during busy season,it’s is 30-45 days according to your purchase quantity.
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