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Cable Ties Manufacturer
Since 2006

Yueqing Boese Electronic Plastic Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and distributor of various wiring equipment.

It mainly produces various kinds of high-quality nylon cable tie,cable clip, cable gland, wiring terminal, spiral crimping cap, winding pipe,cable tie mount and other electronic plastic accessories. ....

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Annual output value
Founded in
Made of
special material 6.6

A range of cable ties in 6.6 polyamide
designed to meet the needs of applications under the most extreme conditions.

Low temperature resistance
High temperature resistance
UV resistance
Corrosion resistance
Metal detectable
Commitment To The Quality

Boese nylon cable tie company has always relied on the research, design and improvement of its own products to make it
stand out in an increasingly broad market with globally recognized quality.

Boese cooperates with world-renowned PA6.6 suppliers to ensure the excellent performance and quality of products.

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Boese system controls all the production processes, and the products must pass the tensile test and high and low temperature tests before leaving the factory to ensure the compliance and quality of each cable tie.

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Boese products are strictly tested according to international standards, our certifications and approvals come from the most important official bodies and the most prestigious institutions around the world.

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Cable ties are a versatile fastening solution that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Electric Power
Engineering Installation
Machinery Industry
Automation Equipment
For Various Scenes

Boese offers the best display solution for your type of business,
cable ties with three shelf display options: bags on hooks, bags lined up in
trays, bags in display boxes.

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Releasable Nylon Cable Ties manufacturer teaches you how to determine the type of nylon cable ties needed for actual use

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