Polyamide 6.6

Polyamide is one of the most common thermoplastic synthetic materials in the injection molding process for high-quality products. It has high mechanical strength and wear resistance, a low coefficient of friction and good resistance to solvents and other aggressive agents.

Working temperature
-40℃ to +85℃
Maximum permissible temperature
in a short time period
Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)
Dielectric resistance
50.000 volts/mm
Installation temperature
-10℃ to +85℃
Melting point
Flammability ratio
UL94 class V2
Quality Inspection

Boese conducts quality inspection of finished products through daily sampling, and conducts high and low temperature cycle tests and tensile tests on products to verify that they meet the requirements indicated by production parameters.To ensure that our products can fully meet the needs of all applications to demonstrate unmatched product performance.

Quality inspection Video
Product inspection process video
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