"One heart and one force, gather together and make progress"

Oct 19, 2019 Visit: 2914

In order to adjust the work pressure, create a passionate, responsible, happy working atmosphere, so that everyone can better invest in the next work. The company specially organized the “One Heart and One Power, Convergence and Burst” blogging group construction activities, mainly to enrich employees' spare time, further strengthen team cohesion, enhance team collaboration ability, and better serve merchants and customers.
On the morning of October 19th, the event officially kicked off.
The company organized a tug-of-war competition. You said that I guessed that the three-person four-footed and other series of exciting activities, the staff played a team spirit, and accomplished one activity after another.
The activities were passionate, warm and harmonious. Every employee relaxed in the event, and the collaborative team carried forward the selfless dedication.
After the event, everyone raised the mineral water in their hands, and the joy and excitement were beyond words. As the saying goes, a single tree is not a forest. The success of a company cannot be separated from a good corporate culture, and it is inseparable from the hard work of the employees who have united their hearts. As a big team, we have our own roles, our own positioning, and a team of perfect teams.

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