The benefits of coloured cable ties

Nov 30, 2023 Visit: 159

Over the past three years, the world has been rocked by COVID-19. Hospitals are filled with horrific medical waste. We have noticed that colorful nylon cable ties are being purchased and used in large quantities in the treatment of medical waste, especially bright yellow cable ties.

Since the markings of medical waste and plastic bags are usually yellow, the waste is well isolated in the waste packaging bags by bundling with yellow cable ties.

Our range of coloured cable ties is manufactured from the same nylon 66 as our standard black and natural ties.Coloured cable tiesare available in eight colours – red, yellow,orange,blue, green , purple, grey and brown.They are the ideal solution for securing cables so that they can be quickly and easily identified.

Our complete range of colored nylon 66 cable ties can be seen here .Our sales team is also more than willing to provide professional advice on the products you are interested in and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us via any method on the website to get in touch.

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The benefits of coloured cable ties

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