Releasable Nylon Cable Ties manufacturer teaches you how to determine the type of nylon cable ties needed for actual use

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Releasable Nylon Cable Ties manufacturer teaches you how to determine the type of nylon cable ties needed for actual use

1. Confirm the working conditions, whether it is an ordinary natural environment or a highly corrosive environment, and select materials according to different environments

2. Generally speaking, the specifications of plastic cable ties are width * length. If the thing to be bound is relatively large, a larger specification is required

Nylon Stainless Steel Plate Lock Cable Tie

3. When choosing cable ties, you must not only choose the appropriate size but also choose a brand with high-cost performance. If the quoted price is cheaper than the raw materials, it is obvious that corners have to be cut.

4. A customer asked a question, will nylon cable ties break? After the nylon cable ties are produced, we will conduct a tensile test. For example, it will only break when the tensile force is reached. Every one of our products must pass testing before delivery

5. Why can’t the tension of the sample chamber tie be reached? Since the ties in the sample chamber are wet and have moisture, the tension will be different after being left for a long time.

Application fields of nylon cable ties With the development of the economy, there are many manufacturers of nylon cable ties in various places, but the technology and quality vary greatly. In the entire consumer goods market, good and bad are intertwined. For the entire market, it is inevitable that customers only want cheap prices.

Self Locking Nylon Cable Zip Tie

How to choose the right cable tie

Choosing the right cable tie mainly depends on the specific needs, and you need to consider the following aspects:
1. Functional requirements: The functional requirements of cable ties are the basic prerequisite for choosing cable ties. Different functional requirements require the use of different cable tie types, such as general
Through-type cable ties, self-locking cable ties, perforated cable ties, label-type cable ties, etc.
2. Length selection: The length of the tie should be determined according to the specific use occasion and the required restraint information.

Plastic Safety Ties
3. Load-bearing requirements: The load-bearing grade of the tie needs to be selected according to the weight to be endured.
4. Environmental protection requirements: If you need environmentally friendly ties, you need to choose degradable and recyclable environmentally friendly ties.
5. Price requirements: Of course, the type of cable tie needs to be determined based on the required quantity and price.

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