How To Save Nylon Cable Ties?

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Nylon cable ties are acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and insulating. Not easy to aging, strong bearing capacity. With the popularization of cable ties, more and more people buy them for use in life.

So when you're bought a lot of cable ties, how should you store them?


1. Store the cable ties in a sealed plastic bag

Since the cable tie is made of nylon material, which has strong water absorption, exposure to air will affect its performance.



2. The ideal temperature and humidity for saving cable ties

The temperature and humidity of the cable tie storage environment are also important factors affecting the performance of the cable tie. 

Therefore, the ambient temperature of the cable tie should not be too high or too low, try to keep it at a room temperature of 23 degrees, and the temperature should not exceed 50%.



3. Keep away from heat sources

A cool, ventilated environment is the best environment for storing cable ties, away from all heat sources, to ensure that the performance of the cable ties will not be affected.




The use environment of cable ties is different, and the materials used for production are also different. 

Therefore, when purchasing cable ties, you must also confirm whether your use environment requires high temperature resistance or corrosion resistance, so that you can choose cable ties of different materials.


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