Nylon cable ties in the process of use need to pay attention to the problem

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Nylon cable ties are widely used, both in industry and in daily life. However, in general, the requirements for the use of nylon ties in daily life are not high, and some of its precautions, few people to pay attention to, while the use of nylon ties in industry, the requirements for its more, the use of nylon ties still need to pay attention to some of the problems.


1. nylon cable ties preservation environment, the most ideal to maintain at about twenty-three degrees Celsius, and its humidity is best controlled at about 50%, this is a point that requires more attention.


2. Manipulate the use of nylon cable ties, the use of tightening tension, can not exceed the nylon tie tension, otherwise there will be a break situation.


3. When using nylon cable ties, the diameter of the bound object circle should be smaller than the diameter of the nylon ties circle, and the remaining length of the band body should be 5-8mm after tying. Nylon ties can maintain excellent mechanical properties and thermal aging resistance in a wide temperature range (-40~120℃).

4. nylon cable ties use environment, nylon ties in the wet environment, can maintain excellent mechanical properties, nylon ties with moisture absorption, humidity (water content) increases, there is a higher elongation and impact strength, but the tensile strength and rigidity gradually reduced. Pay attention to one point, never put the tie under the sun when in use, otherwise it is easy to cause great impact on the performance of the product. If the working environment needs to be under the sun for a long time, then it is advisable to choose weather-resistant ties, and also to keep away from heat sources.


5. Nylon cable ties have good durability, electrical rated temperature less than 105 degrees does not affect its performance, flame retardant to UL measurement 94V-2 level.

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