BOESE - Happy International Women’s Day

Mar 08, 2024 Visit: 492

March 8 is International Women’s Day, which celebrates women’s achievements and seeks gender equality.

As in previous years, BOESE presented beautiful flowers to the female colleagues who worked hard in the company to express their blessings.

We are grateful to the ladies of boese sales team,through their professional skills, patient service and careful research on products, BOESE Cable Ties are sold all over the world.

We are grateful to our BOESE cable tie production frontline employees who use their production technology and rigorous work attitude to insist on producing high-quality cable ties in their own positions.



We are grateful to the ladies in our packaging department who pack their customized products for our customers carefully inspecting the quality every time.


BOESE wish all ladies a happy holiday and eternal happiness.

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BOESE - Happy International Women’s Day

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